Golf Channel’s Brandel Chamblee Thinks ‘Golf Should Ban Twitter’

Rory McIlroy had cited concerns over the Zika virus when he pulled out of the Rio Olympic Games

Unkind tweets made towards golf commentator Brandel Chamblee upset him so much, that he has to delete 10 tweets a day and calculates that he has banned over 20,000 people from his Twitter account since he started criticizing PGA players from his throne at the Golf Channel.

A one-time winner in almost a quarter century on the PGA tour, Chamblee missed the cut almost half of the time (47%) of the 370 tournaments that he entered.

But those dreadful statistics don’t stop Chamblee from frequently criticizing 79-time PGA tour winner Tiger Woods’ golf swing, or ripping 42-time tour winner Phil Mickelson, or correcting the putting habits of 23-year-old, 9-time tour winner Jordan Spieth.

In search of a safe space, the “Anatomy of Greatness” author writes in his article on the Golf Channel’s website, saying, “I have an informal approach to the interaction that I have on Twitter, in that I view it as a party at my house: Come on in, argue if you see fit, but if you start breaking dishes, you have to go. I can smell rudeness a par-5 away. Hence, I block on average about 10 people a day, which means I have blocked around 20,000 people in my six-plus years on Twitter.”

Looks like he may have to block 4-time major winner and #3-ranked golfer in the world, Rory McIlroy, after McIlroy recently served him big time on Twitter. Chamblee in his inimitable “those who can’t do, teach” way claimed that McIlroy’s workouts hurt his game. An article by, reported McIlroy’s response to Chamblee’s old school thinking, saying,  “I can’t help but think this fear of professional golfers working out is simply a relic from another era. Chamblee’s era, when golfers weren’t considered athletes in the way they are today.” Ouch!

The 27-year-old member of both the European and PGA tour also shared a tweet with Chamblee when he incorrectly admonished Rory for his driving technique, suggesting that the Irishman hit down on his driver off the tee and not on an upward path, as Rory and many others on the PGA tour do. See below:

With all the self-riotousness and bad advice that Chamblee delivers, probably not surprising that the Golf Channel guru thinks “golf should ban Twitter.” He explained, “not because it is interfering with the practice of the game but because it is interfering with the civility of it. Twitter may have originally been a burst of inconsequential information but it has turned into 140 characters of kindling, burning civility to a fine crisp.”


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