$3,932,310 Estimated Ticket Sales for Big East Semis, 106 Teams Left from 32 Conferences

Bryce Drew

Among the 106 teams still alive (see table below) due to one of the 32 conference tournaments or a great regular season, Villanova and Creighton play on the biggest stage Saturday after both won in front of another Madison Square Garden sellout of 19,182 with the Daily News reporting earlier in the week the average ticket was going for $205 – a figure that can double for conference semifinals.

If the average cost of each semifinal ticket was just the tournament average, that comes to a tidy $3,932,310 paid for tickets. The figure could be quite a bit higher if the semis did average twice as expensive, but that does not mean the figure would hit $8 million in one night ticket sales because those who held their tickets at face value payed less. Several dozen tickets for Saturday’s final are list at more than $1,000 per ticket. For ACC games tickets averaged a little less – $185 – for a somewhat smaller arena in Brooklyn as Notre Dame and Duke advanced to the title game.

Both the defending national champion Villanova and Creighton advance to the championship on a late shot and then defensive stop.

So far bubble teams have been lucky as no teams have “stolen” spots by winning their tournament. The only remaining three threats seem to come from the Ivy, Atlantic 10 or SEC semifinals, where the “last team in” would lose their spot if; 1) Alabama upset Kentucky in the semifinal and then won the SEC title, 2) Princeton failed to win the first ever Ivy League semifinal and final and then still received a bid in addition to the Ivy League tournament champion, or 3) Davidson wins the Atlantic 10 after upsetting regular season champion Dayton, who will be invited.

Villanova is the only 1-seed in the top four conferences to make their title game as UNC fell to hated rival Duke in an ACC semifinal, Kansas was stunned by TCU in their Big 12 opener and Purdue lost to Michigan in the Big Ten semi.

Last year a similar thriller between Seton Hall and Villanova, with Seton Hall winning the game but Villanova the national title. After the game Seton Hall coach Kevin Willard told his players they could reverse the roles. Breitbart Sports caught up with Seton Hall defensive star Madison Jones after he helped hold Villanova’s high powered offense to only 5 of 19 shooting on three-pointers to just miss the upset.

Breitbart Sports: Madison, you shut down 3-point shooters for two nights, a lot of good 3-point shooters that you really dominated back-to-back nights (against the No. 1 three-point shooting team in the country Marquette and the No. 2 offense in the country Villanova). Do you feel at this time you can just force any team to beat you with tough twos, that it’s going to take a play like that at the end? (referring to National Player of the Year Josh Hart scoring on an offensive rebound as he was fouled in the final seconds).

Madison Jones, Seton Hall: That’s what we want to do. It’s tough twos. Especially a team like this, we’ve got to force them off their (3-point) line. And that’s what we did pretty much the entire game. We knew they were going to make some great shots – they have great players. Take your hat off to them.

In the Big Ten, Northwestern seems to have put themselves in the tournament with a 72-64 upset of Maryland only increasing the 70% of experts who believe they would make the tournament even without winning the conference. In the unfair system of regular season champions from small conferences needing to win their conference tournament as well to get a bid, WAC regular season champ Cal State Bakersfield took four overtimes to make their title game, while the Southland saw their No. 1 and No. 2 seed win semifinal games in the tournament that most rewards the top two regular season teams by giving them both double byes.

Here are the final 107 teams with a chance of making the tournament either by winning their conference tournament or being selected as an at-large, though some of the latter are given only a one percent chance.

Here is the list of teams still alive:

Teams Alive Conf Next tour At-Large if no auto status
Davidson A10 3/11 semi 0% bubble
Dayton A10 out 100% in
Rhode Island A10 3/11 semi 44% bubble
VCU A10 3/11 semi 97% bubble
Duke ACC 3/11 final 100% in
Florida St ACC out 100% in
Louisville ACC out 100% in
Miami FL ACC out 88% bubble
North Carolina ACC out 100% in
Notre Dame ACC 3/11 final 100% in
Syracuse ACC out 79% bubble
Virginia ACC out 100% in
Virginia Tech ACC out 86% bubble
Wake Forest ACC out 100% in
Albany AE 3/11 final 0% bubble
Vermont AE 3/11 final 35% bubble
Cincinnati Amer 3/11 semi 100% in
Connecticut Amer 3/11 semi 0% bubble
Houston Amer out 4% bubble
SMU Amer 3/11 semi 100% in
UCF Amer 3/11 semi 3% bubble
Florida Gulf Coast ASun auto 100% in
Illinois B10 out 7% bubble
Indiana B10 out 2% bubble
Iowa B10 out 11% bubble
Maryland B10 out 98% bubble
Michigan B10 3/11 semi 63% bubble
Michigan St B10 out 99% bubble
Minnesota B10 3/11 semi 100% in
Northwestern B10 3/11 semi 70% bubble
Purdue B10 out 100% in
Wisconsin B10 3/11 semi 100% in
Baylor B12 out 100% in
Iowa St B12 3/11 final 100% in
Kansas B12 out 100% in
Kansas St B12 out 33% bubble
Oklahoma St B12 out 87% bubble
West Virginia B12 3/11 final 100% in
Butler BE out 100% in
Creighton BE 3/11 final 99% bubble
Marquette BE out 99% bubble
Providence BE out 96% bubble
Seton Hall BE out 99% bubble
Villanova BE 3/11 final 100% in
Xavier BE out 97% bubble
North Dakota BSky 3/11 final 0% bubble
Weber St BSky 3/11 final 0% bubble
Winthrop BSth auto 100% in
Cal St. Fullerton BW 3/10 Semi 0% bubble
Long Beach St BW out 0% bubble
UC Davis BW 3/10 Semi 0% bubble
UC Irvine BW 3/11 final 0% bubble
North Carolina Wilmington CAA auto 100% in
Marshall CUSA 3/11 final 0% bubble
Middle Tennessee CUSA 3/11 final 100% in
Northern Kentucky Horz auto 100% in
Harvard Ivy 3/11 semi 0% bubble
Penn Ivy 3/11 semi 0% bubble
Princeton Ivy 3/11 semi 99% bubble
Yale Ivy 3/11 semi 0% bubble
Iona MAAC auto 100% in
Monmouth MAAC out 1% bubble
Akron MAC 3/11 final 4% bubble
Kent St MAC 3/11 final 0% bubble
Norfolk St MEAC 3/11 final 0% bubble
North Carolina Central MEAC 3/11 final 0% bubble
Illinois St MVC out 40% bubble
Wichita St MVC auto 100% in
Colorado St MWC 3/10 Semi 3% bubble
Nevada MWC 3/11 final 99% bubble
San Diego St MWC 3/10 Semi 0% bubble
Mount St. Marys NEC auto 100% in
Belmont OVC out 1% bubble
Jacksonville St OVC auto 100% in
Arizona P12 3/10 Semi 100% in
California P12 out 2% bubble
Oregon P12 3/11 final 100% in
UCLA P12 3/10 Semi 100% in
USC P12 out 96% bubble
Utah P12 out 4% bubble
Bucknell Pat auto 100% in
Georgia St SB 3/11 semi 0% bubble
Texas St SB 3/11 semi 0% bubble
Troy SB 3/11 semi 0% bubble
UT Arlington SB 3/11 semi 30% bubble
East Tennessee St SC auto 100% in
Alabama SEC 3/11 semi 4% bubble
Arkansas SEC 3/11 semi 92% bubble
Florida SEC 3/10 Quar 100% in
Georgia SEC 3/10 Quar 2% bubble
Kentucky SEC 3/11 semi 100% in
Mississippi SEC 3/10 Quar 1% bubble
South Carolina SEC 3/10 Quar 99% bubble
Tennessee SEC out 1% bubble
Vanderbilt SEC 3/11 semi 88% bubble
New Orleans Slnd 3/11 final 0% bubble
Texas A&M Corpus Chris Slnd 3/11 final 0% bubble
South Dakota St Sum auto 100% in
Grambling St SWAC 3/10 Semi 0% bubble
Southern SWAC 3/10 Semi 0% bubble
Texas Southern SWAC 3/10 Semi 0% bubble
Cal St. Bakersfield WAC 3/11 final 1% bubble
New Mexico St WAC 3/10 Semi 0% bubble
UMKC WAC 3/10 Semi 0% bubble
Gonzaga WCC auto 100% in
St. Marys WCC out 100% in


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