Lawrence Police Department Savagely Burns Kansas Basketball on Twitter, After Another Deep Tournament Failure

Josh Jackson
The Associated Press
Lawrence, KS

The subject of police brutality has frequently found itself in the national discourse, whereas the subject of police Twitter brutality has not rated nearly as controversial. After this weekend though, that might need to change.

Kansas lost to Oregon in the Elite 8 Saturday night, and thus was eliminated from tournament play. The Lawrence, Kansas, Police Department channeled the grief of their fans and burned the Kansas basketball program with a painful reminder of their recent failings in the Elite 8:

For some perspective of Kansas’ struggles deep in the tournament, according to USA Today, “Since 2004, when Bill Self became head coach, the Jayhawks have made it to the Elite 8 and lost five times. For most schools that would be a great accomplishment, but for Kansas, it’s not fun making it so far, yet not far enough for so many years. The last time the Jayhawks won the national championship was in 2008.”

But the police were just getting started:

All might have been quiet on the streets of downtown Lawrence, but thanks to the Lawrence PD, the internet was on fire.

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