‘Will Fight for Food,’ UFC Fighter Stands in Street Begging for Someone to Fight Him

Colby Covington

UFC welterweight Colby Covington has taken the term “looking for a fight” to a whole new level.

Covington holds an impressive 6-1 record in the UFC Octagon, and an 11-1 record overall. Naturally, the 170-pounder seeks to build on that record, get some more high profile fights, and eventually a shot at a championship. Yet, pickings have proved slim for Covington since winning his third fight in a row back in December. Covington has even resorted to taunting other competitors in his weight class, in order to get a fight.

However, with the trash talk having landed him no closer to the fight he wants, Covington has switched tactics and started begging. No really, he’s standing in the street begging.

According to MMA Junkie, unorthodox self-promotion is nothing new for Covington, such as this attempt to persuade Rafael dos Anjos to fight, by compiling a bunch of phony emails:

And, this shot fired at all the fighters Covington believes are avoiding him:

If Covington’s tactic works, these Mayweather-MacGregor negotiations could become really interesting.

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