Antrel Rolle Says He’s Not Surprised Jay Cutler Hasn’t Signed with a Team Yet

Antrel Rolle: Former New York Giants DB retiring from NFL

Antrel Rolle didn’t play with Jay Cutler for long. In fact, the two only shared the same sideline for one year, in Chicago. However, that was apparently long enough.

In an interview with the NFL Network, former NFL safety Antrel Rolle opened up about Cutler’s detached personality and the leadership void on the team that he wished Cutler had filled.

Rolle said, “I just felt like, honestly, if Jay involved himself more with the team, more with his receivers, I think he’d get more better results on the playing field. Like I said I just honestly feel like he would get much better results if he involved himself more in the team collectively, with all individuals. It doesn’t have to be offense, defense, special teams, but just everyone as a collective unit, I think he would get more out of his game for himself.”

According to Pro Football Talk, Rolle went on to say he wasn’t surprised that Cutler still hadn’t signed with a team.

Of course, similar to Tom Brady, Cutler finds himself in the unique position of having not only made a lot of money for himself, but also having a wife who brings in a lot of cash as well. This gives him options, and may make him more aloof about his career than a lot of other players like Rolle.

That in no way excuses Cutler from the shame that should rightfully be his for not putting the work in and leading his team the way he was paid to do. However, it might explain why Cutler seems to always wear the sad expression of a cleaned-out Vegas craps junkie.

Cutler definitely still has the ability to play quarterback in the NFL. He has one of the best arms in football and, though it’s never translated into wins, he has put together some decent statistical seasons in Chicago. But, Antrel Rolle said it best, without actually saying it: the guy just doesn’t seem to care all that much about leading his football team.

When you consider that, along with his recent injury history and the fact he’s going into his twelfth season in the league, why should anyone be surprised that Cutler hasn’t signed with a team yet?

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