Penguin Fan Stabbed in Head, Delays Hospital Trip Until After Game

AP Photo

Pittsburgh Penguins players will have a hard time justifying missing any game-time due to injury this postseason after learning what one of their fans endured, just to watch their Game 1 victory against Columbus.

On Wednesday night, police found a man bleeding from a cut on his scalp. It turns out the man, a 43 year-old auto detail shop owner from Pittsburgh, had been stabbed in the head by someone with a screwdriver earlier that night.

Now, at this point most people would call it a night. Maybe say a prayer of thanks for still being alive, perhaps even seek some medical assistance to deal with the blood loss and possible infections that could result from getting stabbed in the head.

But hey, it’s NHL playoff time, where normal goes to die. So, instead of seeking treatment for his gaping head wound, this happened:

“Police said the victim refused treatment for the laceration from paramedics on the scene, stating he would drive himself to UPMC Mercy hospital at the end of the game,” according to The Guardian.

Pittsburgh won their series opening game against the Blue Jackets. But, let’s just hope this fan isn’t superstitious, because if he thinks he has to continue taking part in screwdriver fights in order for the Penguins to win, things could unravel very quickly.

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