Trevor Noah Accidentally Makes Pro-Life Argument While Tweeting About Serena Williams Pregnancy

Serena Williams in action against Lucie Safarova on day four of the Australian Open in Melbourne on January 19, 2017

Daily Show Host Trevor Noah, who is no friend to the pro-life movement, inadvertently made a pro-life argument on Twitter Wednesday night while attempting a joke.

It all began when Fox Sports Radio sent out this tweet about Serena Williams having been pregnant while competing at the Australian Open:

The timing of the Australian Open, and Serena’s pregnancy, means that Williams was two months pregnant when she won the Open. Very cool stuff, right? Trevor Noah thought so too.

But wait, how could Serena’s fetus qualify her for a doubles tournament if it’s not a real life? Twitter didn’t take long to pounce on Noah’s unforced error:

Noah better watch it if his rare instances of insight and humor will end up costing him points with his radical leftist employers. He might just want to stick with what he does best, and not be funny.

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