Former 49er Torrey Smith Goes on Memorial Day Rant Sympathizing with Kaepernick

Torrey Smith 'endorses' Deez Nuts for president
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Former 49er and current Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Torrey Smith went on a Memorial Day Twitter rant regarding his former teammate Colin Kaepernick.

In response to a quote from Giants owner John Mara, in which he spoke about the tremendous emotional reaction Giants fans had to Kaepernick’s protest and how that reaction convinced him that any team which signed Kaepernick would face a fan backlash, Smith went on a rant lamenting what he believes to be the hypocrisy of giving those who have broken the law a second chance, but not someone like Kaepernick, who has broken no laws.

Ranting about an issue like Kaepernick on Memorial Day naturally led to discussion of the military, and the sacrifice of veterans:

No one would dispute that the perception of someone like Greg Hardy getting a chance to play in the league again, while someone who isn’t a criminal currently does not, can seem like a hypocritical stance.

However, like Torrey Smith, all NFL players are union members, and it’s his union, the NFLPA, which collectively bargained all the language that allowed Greg Hardy back into the league and made it so that Roger Goodell could only initially slap Ray Rice on the wrists.

So, if he’s upset that the NFL allows bad actors a “second chance,” the fault lies with him and his representatives, not the “folks.”

As for Smith’s apparent despair over Kaepernick getting blackballed, which is something there is absolutely no evidence is actually happening, given Mara’s admission that public outrage has played a large role in preventing teams from signing him it would appear that the former 49er QB’s chickens have come home to roost.

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