Strip Cub in Mississippi Set to Host ‘Hugh Freeze Tribute Party’

Freeze Ready II
AP Photo/Rogelio Soliz

Well, he can’t say they never gave him anything.

Mississippi State fans are taking no small amount of pleasure in the wake of the recent demise of former Ole Miss Coach Hugh Freeze. Freeze was forced to resign as head coach of the Rebels, after it was discovered that he made a call to an escort service. In fact, so widespread has been the scorn and mockery from the cross-state rivals, that even the exotic dancing community has joined in the fun.

The Pony, an establishment which humbly describes itself as “The Ultimate Strip Joint,” will throw a “Hugh Freeze Tribute Party.” Jerry Westlund, a passionate Mississippi State fan, owns the club and several strong opinions about Hugh Freeze: “Hugh Freeze was a piece of work to me because he banned his players from coming to my clubs. He banned them from going to strip clubs. I’m like, I’m sorry at 18 years old you can serve your country. We can give you a gun and send you to a Godforsaken place like Afghanistan, but Hugh Freeze decided they weren’t mature enough to come to a strip club so as the ultimate hypocrite, it’s only appropriate we’d have the Hugh Freeze tribute party.”

Westlund also had a plan for how Freeze could have avoided the escort service incident altogether: “He was willing to go out there and attack people who come to my club. If you want to call an escort service, knock yourself out. You could have come to my club and gotten a lap dance and made a friend just as quick.”

Westlund described the game plan for the Hugh Freeze tribute party. According to The Big Lead, “…Westlund says if the doormen think someone looks like Freeze, they’ll be allowed in with no cover. And there will be free admission plus a free drink to anyone who “turns in your Ole Miss official SEC coaching visor.”’

That’s a lot of pressure on the doorman. Westlund then revealed a prediction of how the night will end, and how Hugh Freeze’s career will end. Westlund said, “We’ll be ringing the bell in tribute to Hugh and wish him nothing but the best as he seeks to further his coaching career at some community college in the Pacific Northwest.”




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