Big Brother: NFL Launches Department to Help Players’ With Social Media Accounts

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Getty Images/Al Messerschmidt

The NFL wants to help players craft their social media accounts, and, presumably, to prevent them from publishing content that could embarrass themselves, their team, and the league.

Awful Announcing reported that the ADP career placement job site lists the title of the new position as “Coordinator, Player Social Media Initiatives.”

The responsibilities are as follows:

—Identify and distribute relevant and engaging photo and video content to NFL players

–Work with a team of digital content creators — writers, designers and social producers — to produce original social and digital content to be distributed to players

—Help ideate around how to best use league-owned content to help players grow their social media accounts

—Monitor and evaluate content to help players understand what is and is not working

To begin with, there will be two people hired to take on these responsibilities, one working at NFL headquarters in New York and the other at NFL Network in Culver City, California.

The obvious problem with this development is the NFL could end up trying to control players means of expression by issuing restrictions on what they can or can’t post on their accounts. Sounds a little too much like, “Big Brother” to me.

No doubt, the NFL Players Association will want to have some say in all this.


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