NAACP, Linda Sarsour Stage Pro-Kaepernick Rally in Front of NFL’s NYC Headquarters

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As the media frenzy over the continued unemployment of national anthem protester Colin Kaepernick goes on, the NAACP rallied in support of the former 49er today at the league’s New York headquarters. Among others, activist Linda Sarsour joined the NAACP at the rally.

The NAACP dubbed their pro-Kaepernick event, the “United We Stand” march. Kaepernick spent the whole of the 2016 NFL season sitting or kneeling in protest of the national anthem, becoming a hero to groups like Black Lives Matter and others.

Kaepernick, who declared his free agency at the end of last season, found little interest in his services as the 2017 pre-season geared up. Thus far, the 29-year-old is still on the sidelines and left unsigned by any NFL team.

Kaepernick’s unemployment has now become a focus for activists who insist that the only reason he has not been signed this year is because the NFL is “racist.”

The player is welcoming a growing list of supporters including the NAACP who recently sent a letter demanding that the NFL sign Kaepernick.

In its letter, the NAACP insisted that Kaepernick is being punished for “exercising his free speech,” a claim that makes little sense considering the fact that a dozen other players also protested last year and many are taking up the protest this year and none of them have faced any consequences.

The NAACP hosting a full program of speeches:

The group is also threatening a boycott unless the league signs Kaepernick.

But, the NAACP is far from the only group supporting the rally. The left-wing activist group Color Of Change also rose to support the NAACP’s march.

In a Wednesday afternoon statement, the group claimed that the player’s unemployment is evidence of the NFL’s “fear of Black peoples’ free speech” and demanded that NFL chief Roger Goodell “send a clear message to team owners: sign Kaepernick.”

Along with those above, Kaepernick also picked up the support of baseball icon Hank Aaron.

Appearing on The Tom Joyner Show, Aaron said he wished someone would ” open up and give him a chance.” Aaron also said that he thinks Kaepernick is “getting a raw deal.”

During the protests today, Kaepernick also seems to have garnered the support of Jihadi apologist Linda Sarsour who was seen sporting a red Kaepernick jersey and marching with the NCAAP in New York:

As marchers gathered, the NAACP passed out shirts bearing the player’s image but featuring a giant afro on his head shaped like a militant black power fist.

A Twitter account touting the “Women’s March” posted a photo showing the protesters in New York:

As the protest continued, CNN’s Coy Wire shared this:

No crowd estimates yet, but perhaps up to 300 hundred have turned out to support the out-of-work quarterback and his protest.

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