Nothing to See Here?: Raiders Staff Cover Marshawn Lynch As He Sits During the National Anthem

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Twitter/SB Nation

Television networks have gone to great lengths to conceal the ratings-killing anthem protests that are costing the league huge money in terms of viewership and attendance. However, it looks like NFL teams have also started trying to conceal the anthem protests. In one case, by literally covering a player up.

The Raiders’ Marshawn Lynch arrived at the stadium, like a man wanting to be made the center of attention. Lynch showed up wearing a shirt that read, “Everybody vs Trump”:

However, when it came time for Lynch to do what he’s been doing since the preseason, which is protest the national anthem, the Raiders decided to turn Lynch into an NFL version of “Where is Waldo?” Lynch will be the guy on the left, the one literally swarmed by team staff:

So what gives? It’s probably too much to think the Raiders are ashamed of Lynch and his protest, though they should be. After all, he’s been protesting the anthem since the preseason and they’ve never done anything like this before. Did the team fear for his safety? Had someone made a credible threat against him?

The whole situation is very strange, and we’re not likely to have a full understanding until more information comes available. However, the irony of a guy wearing a shirt that claims the world is against President Trump, and then, getting the “Waldo” treatment in the corner, is quite rich.


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