Report: Colin Kaepernick Filing Grievance Against NFL Owners for Collusion

AP Photo Ted S. Warren
AP Photo/Ted S. Warren

Despite three straight years of regression on the football field, in addition to an entire season of protesting supposed oppression on the sidelines. Colin Kaepernick thinks he should have a job. Apparently, he thinks it so much that he’s willing to file a grievance against NFL owners for collusion.

According to Bleacher Report’s Mike Freeman:

Indeed, this is huge news. The question is, why? Even if Kaepernick isn’t smart enough to know it, Mark Geragos is certainly smart enough to know that he has absolutely no chance of winning a case based on collusion. First of all, collusion is something that would have to be proved. One would have to prove that the owners conspired in a coordinated fashion to lock Kaepernick pout of the league.

There’s a very small chance that the owners ever conspired, and there’s an even smaller chance that evidence could be found to prove it even if they did.

The other factor is Kaepernick himself. Colin Kaepernick was benched for one of the biggest busts in recent memory at the start of last year. He played reasonably well once he regained his starting job, but only produced one victory for San Francisco, and that was over a terrible Rams team with a rookie quarterback.

So, what gives?

The only thing remaining, is that Kaepernick is trying to put the NFL on trial. Through his friends in the media, especially the sports media, who have been relentless in their support of him. Kaepernick hopes to win a victory outside of the courtroom by showing the NFL to be a racist organization. The same organization which made him a millionaire, and gave him more opportunity than any other profession in any other walk of life.

Including the freedom to protest.

The NFL is about to get bit by a monster they helped create.



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