WATCH: Wild Melee Breaks Out Between Raiders and Broncos

AP Ben Margot Crabtree
AP Photo/Ben Margot

Football players are taught to finish their blocks from a very, very young age. Though, the Raiders’ Michael Crabtree might have taken things a bit far on this particular play.

Crabtree was blocking Denver’s Aqib Talib late in the second quarter, however, instead of simply blocking until the whistle blew, Crabtree continued blocking Talib well after the whistle and eventually drove Talib into the ground.

A melee ensued on the Denver sideline after Crabtree and Talib fell to the ground:

Crabtree, who lost his helmet in the scrap, was still without his headgear when he and Talib met right after the scrum:

Then, in what seemed to be the icing on the whole bizarre cake, the Raiders’ Marshawn Lynch crossed the field and escorted Talib, the opposing player, off the field:

According to The Big Lead, “Talib and Crabtree have a history with each other stemming from when Talib ripped Crabtree’s chain off.

“Talib and Crabtree both swung at each other and were ejected from the game. Gabe Jackson, a Pro Bowl offensive lineman for the Raiders, was also ejected for contact with an official.”


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