WATCH: Tensions Mount in Tallahassee As Noles Fan Gets Physically Removed After Confronting Jimbo Fisher About Loyalty

AP Chuck Burton
AP Photo/Chuck Burton

If it seems like the relationship between college coaches and their fan bases has gotten particularly tense lately, that’s because it has.

Last week, saw a campus protest at Tennessee over the proposed hiring of Greg Schiano. This week, a fan asked Noles coach Jimbo Fisher about the rumors that he’s planning on leaving Tallahassee for College Station.

The fan eventually had the mic snatched out of his hands, and received a few less than friendly shoves in the back on his way out the door.


The fan said:

It’s been kind of a tough season. And I remember watching a lot of your press conferences, and I remembered how you would talk about being committed to the program and cheering for the team … and talking about loyalty to the program. So I’m wondering, where is the loyalty to the program?

It seems like the fan’s question was a fair one. “Where is the loyalty?” Does not exactly imply a threat, or some kind of attack. Why can’t someone ask Jimbo Fisher where his loyalties lie without being given the old heave-ho?

The fan didn’t bring up any specific players or recruits that Fisher had made promises to, or mention any of the school’s rumored to be pursuing Fisher by name.

So what gives?


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