ESPN Refuses to Suspend Katie Nolan for Calling President Trump ‘A F*ck*ng Stupid Person’

Getty Images Laura Cavanaugh
Getty Images/Laura Cavanaugh

In news that’s bound to surprise no one, ESPN has declined to suspend Katie Nolan after she called President Trump a “f*ck*ng stupid person” on Viceland’s “Desus & Mero” show, Wednesday night.

An ESPN representative told TMZ Sports, “We have looked into the totality of Nolan’s comments, they were inappropriate and we have addressed it with her.”

On Wednesday night, Nolan appeared on Viceland’s “Desus & Mero” late night comedy show, on Wednesday. During a discussion about memes and hand gestures that could be interpreted as white supremacist signs, the conversation turned to the thumbs-up symbol.

According to Sporting News, “One of the co-hosts told Nolan a thumbs-up means ‘white power,’ noting President Trump often uses the gesture.”

Nolan replied, “That’s because he’s a f—— stupid person.” Prior to saying that, Nolan referred to Trump in language that got bleeped out.

ESPN’s decision to not suspend Nolan comes less than a month after the network unveiled new political commentary rules which expressly forbid the type of vulgar comments Nolan made against the president.

Specifically, the new rules state:

Commentaries on relevant sports-related issues are appropriate, but we should refrain from overt partisanship or endorsement of particular candidates, politicians or political parties.

The presentation should be thoughtful and respectful. We should offer balance or recognize opposing views, as warranted. We should avoid personal attacks and inflammatory rhetoric.

Communication with producers and editors must take place prior to commentary on any political or social issues to manage volume and ensure a fair and effective presentation.

As Breitbart Sports stated on Thursday, “It’s hard to see how Nolan’s characterization of Trump as a “f*ck*ng stupid person,” is in-line with any of those rules. In fact, Nolan’s statement appears to violate all three clauses in part, or in full.”

ESPN’s refusal to suspend Nolan also appears to stand at odds with their decision to suspend Jemele Hill, for giving out corporate boycotting advice to Cowboys fans upset with Jerry Jones. If Jemele Hill can get suspended for dishing out boycott advice to fans angry over Jones’ comments on anthem protesters, then how can Nolan not get suspended for calling the president a “f*ck*ing stupid person?”

That seems pretty stupid.


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