DirecTV Faces Backlash from NFL Fans After Hiking ‘Sunday Ticket’ Prices

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Never let a little thing like declining ratings, a product in decline, and national public backlash, get in the way of making a buck. At least, that seems to be the message DirecTV is sending after the company raised prices for the NFL Sunday Ticket.

Despite a ten percent drop in overall ratings last year, DirecTV announced that it will raise prices for Sunday Ticket to $293.84 for the 2018 season — up from the $281.94 they charged last year. For the Sunday Ticket Max, a package which includes NFL Red Zone and Fantasy Zone channels, the price is now a whopping $395.94.

Nor are fans pleased by the decreasing level of exclusivity the Sunday Ticket package provides:

Some were upset by the fact that DirecTV offers large discounts to new customers, while gouging longtime, loyal customers:

Some used choreography to end their relationship with DirecTV:

According to USA Today Sports, “DirecTV’s deal with the NFL is worth $1.5 billion a year and runs through the 2022 season. But fans have easier access to NFL games with online streams. Unlike the NBA, the NFL doesn’t offer a team-specific Sunday Ticket package at a reduced price.”

It looks like DirecTV is going to be trying to pay that bill with a whole lot fewer customers.

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