Deion Sanders Stunned to See White Player Run a 4.35 at the Combine

AP Bill Kostrum
AP Photo/Bill Kostrum

Penn State defensive back Troy Apke is not just one of the fastest DB’s at the NFL Combine, judging by Deion Sanders’ response to Apke’s 40 time, one would think that Apke is one of the fastest white men he’s ever seen.

On Monday, Apke ran a blazing 4.35 40-yard dash. A time which no doubt impressed many of the scouts, GM’s, and talent evaluators in attendance. But the performance absolutely floored Deion Sanders. As Apke began tearing down the track, Deion exclaimed, “Oh man, he can run.”

The NFL Network’s Rich Eisen asked Deion, albeit jokingly, “Why are you surprised, Deion?”

Sanders responded, “You know why I’m surprised. I can’t say it on TV, but he can run run.” Avoiding the obvious racial cause for his response, Sanders continued, “You don’t see that much. Let’s call it what it is. I like that.”

Sanders liked Apke’s performance so much, that he followed up his on-air praise with a hug.


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