LeBron James Sued Over Barbershop Show

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Weeks after LeBron James claimed that Nick Saban and the Alabama Crimson Tide had stolen his idea for a barbershop-themed talk show. James finds himself in the cross-hairs of a lawsuit which claims that he, stole the idea of a barbershop-themed show.

Adventure Enterprise has filed a suit against the NBA superstar, claiming that it had previously proposed a show called “Shop Talk” to UNINTERRUPTED, LeBron James’ multimedia company, before being cut out of production.

According to the Sporting News via TMZ, “the lawsuit alleges Adventure Enterprise engaged in “numerous talks” with UNINTERRUPTED over two years in order to ‘flesh out the idea and figure out a strategy for pitching it to various networks.’

“TMZ noted that lawsuit is seeking an injunction that would cease the production of future episodes of “The Shop” in addition to “serious” monetary compensation.

“Earlier this month, James and UNINTERRUPTED sent Alabama a letter addressing their concerns about copyright infringement after the Crimson Tide football program released a trailer for “Shop Talk,” which features former player Julio Jones and coach Nick Saban at a barber shop discussing a variety of topics.”

So, in short, after accusing Saban of stealing his barbershop idea, the people who came up with LeBron’s barbershop idea are now saying he stole it from them.

I thoroughly recognize the irony of me, as a bald man, pointing this out. But I cannot refrain from pointing out the irony of LeBron James, a player with the most famous receding hairline in all of sports, being caught in the middle of a three-way legal fight over a show which takes place in a barbershop.

However, ironies aside, the story is beyond ridiculous. Barbershop’s have been the setting for numerous television shows and movies throughout the years.

Coming to America, the classic 1988 movie with Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall, had a couple great barbershop scenes. Should Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall sue Nick Saban and LeBron James?

Ice Cube starred in a movie called Barbershop when LeBron was in high school. Does LeBron owe Ice Cube for that?

Sure, there are more complex legalities involved here. But saying that someone stole my idea for a show that takes place in a barbershop, is like saying someone stole my idea for a show where the bad boy falls in love with the good girl.

It’s been done and overdone, dozens of times. LeBron needs to get over himself.

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