Junior Seau’s Nephew Gets a Tryout in Giants Rookie Minicamp

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Despite the CTE-related controversy surrounding his death, it appears that Junior Seau will not be the last Seau to try and leave his mark in the NFL.

Ian Seau, nephew of NFL legend Junior Seau, got an invite to Giants rookie camp. Ina Seau, who has had stops with the Bills and the Rams since leaving the University of Nevada, is in Giants camp as a tryout player.

“It’s hard to live up to,” Ian told the New York Daily News. “He is my uncle, there is always going to be these expectations but I feel like what I’ve done, when I’ve played snaps in preseason I’ve done some things that Ian Seau has done.”

According to Pro Football Talk, “Ian’s mom (Junior’s sister) has expressed concerns about the possibility that brain damage suffered in football led to Junior Seau’s depression and suicide, and she started the Mary Seau CTE Foundation. Ian says he understands the injury risks and wants to play in the NFL anyway.”

Ian Sean says that he respects what his family has done for CTE awareness and research. And he plans on using the knowledge gained from them to help him in his career.

“I know [the NFL] is trying to find ways to make it safer. I’m just living out there, not really worried about that. I’m worried about what we’re doing on the next play,” said Ian. “I know my mom has her foundation and she chose to educate me on this. I know the symptoms and the signs.”

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