Reuben Foster’s Ex-Girlfriend Says She Served Time for Making False Domestic Violence Claims

AP Dai Sagano

Reuben Foster’s ex-girlfriend testified in a preliminary hearing on Thursday, that she lied to police when she said that the 49ers linebacker attacked her. Those allegations resulted in Foster getting charged with domestic violence.

Elissa Ennis claimed that she lied to police because she was angered that Foster had tried to end their relationship. Ennis claims that her anger at Foster was such that she “wanted to end him.” Yet, when asked by prosecutors whether Foster had ever hit her before, Ennis said, “No sir, not once.”

According to the original statement from the Santa Clara District Attorney, Foster was charged with felony domestic violence. The statement claimed that Foster Foster dragged his girlfriend by the hair, punched her 8-10 times in the head, and threw her out of the house. Foster’s then-girlfriend had her eardrum ruptured in the attack, and eventually flagged down a passing motorist for assistance.

Despite Ennis’ testimony that the 49ers linebacker never struck her and that she invented the story in order to get retribution against him, prosecutors have said that they will continue the case against Foster, citing too many inconsistencies in Ennis’ statements.

Judge Nona Klippen will rule May 23rd, on whether the trial against Foster can go forward.

According to the Daily News, Ennis “said Foster broke up with her after she got into the fight with another woman during a road rage incident in San Francisco. A 22-second video clip of that fight was presented as evidence in the case.

“Ennis said she initially wanted to sue Foster. “It was all about the money,” she said.

“Ennis also testified that she stole more than $8,000 in cash from Foster, two Rolex watches and designer clothing.

“During cross examination by Foster’s attorney Joshua Bentley, Ennis said she went to jail in 2011 for falsely accusing an ex-boyfriend of domestic violence.”

Foster could face up to 11 years in prison if convicted of all charges. Though the prosecution will have a difficult case to prove, should it go to trial. Especially considering Ennis has testified under oath that Foster never hit her, and that she’s served time in prison for another false accusation of domestic violence.

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