Jets QB Josh McCown Lobbying New York For Bail Reform

Josh McCown

FLORHAM PARK, NJ – Jets quarterback Josh McCown believes New York State needs comprehensive bail reform.

On June 7, McCown, teammate Kelvin Beachum and Jets owner Christopher Johnson sent a letter to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and other state officials.

“Our bail system has been failing low-income communities and communities of color for generations,” they wrote. “We are at a moment of crisis, but also one of great opportunity: together, we can create a pretrial justice system that reflects the best values of New York for all New Yorkers.”

Breitbart Sports asked McCown what exactly he, along with Johnson and Beachum are trying to get done.

“Just partnering with the Governor’s office and allowing them to know what we’re with them, wanting to see bail reform happen in the state,” McCown said. “Just because of the numerous amount of lives that are affected because of cash bail and how unjust a lot of it is.

“What we would like to see is a tremendous amount of reform. How the bail system is in general. I think it needs a complete overhaul. Just understanding the lives it affects and how [people] get stuck in the system because of it because of their socioeconomic level, they are stuck in the system. The trickle-down effect of that and how it impacts a culture.”

The point here is simple – McCown, Johnson and Beachum feel that poor people get the short end of the stick when it comes to bail.

As NY State Democratic Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins says, “Our criminal justice system is broken and we must fix it. We need real reforms and not half measures. We have people not yet convicted of crimes sitting behind bars for months and years. The American value of ‘innocent until proven guilty’ has been forced to add ‘but only if you can pay.’

“We must also ensure that the Constitutional right to a speedy trial is enforced and that extended pre-trial periods are no longer tolerated. Now is the time for real criminal justice reforms and any delay will just hurt more and more New Yorkers.”

McCown believes no matter what you think of the anthem protest movement, which the NFL owners are cracking down on, it’s still important to try and bring positive change to communities in need.

“I think the focus is more on the work that is being done and the momentum we have gained from the conversation being brought to the surface, so to speak,” McCown said. “I think rather than get caught up in the decision the owners made, it’s more important to focus on the work we’re doing and the good that is being done and try to continue to do that and try to bring awareness to that, because that’s all that matters at the end of the day.”

McCown thinks it’s time to stop bickering over the anthem, and focus on helping people.

“All that other stuff, it’s a talking point for people that try to rally bases and get people involved in all these goofy things, and at the end of the day, the work needs to be done,” McCown said. “Good needs to be brought into these situations.”


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