New York Jets

The Internet Erupts After Jets Unveil New Uniforms

It’s always a risky move, when professional sports teams switch uniforms. Rarely, if ever, does anyone ever completely love the new uniforms. Especially if the old unis are considered “classics.”

Jets Uniforms

WATCH: Jets Player Born with 12 Fingers, Shows Scars

It’s not unusual to find professional athletes who have been given extraordinary talents and abilities that most other people do not possess. However, it is unusual to find athletes who have been given additional fingers that others do not possess.

Chris Herndon

Jets CEO Promises Not to Punish Anthem Protesters

New York Jets CEO and Co-owner Christoper Johnson, vows to pay the fines of any Jets player who chooses to protest the national anthem, despite the league’s new rule requiring players to stand.

Christopher Johnson

Jets Matt Forte on NFL Player Activism: ‘There Is A Time And Place’

Thanks to the First Amendment, outspoken free agent NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick is able to “speak freely.”
However, when you are an employee of a company, perhaps you need to take a measured approach to your activism, so you don’t turn off millions of customers, and in this case ticket buyers and TV viewers.

Kaep Kneel