UFC Great Chuck Liddell to the Cleveland Browns: ‘Break the Guy in Front of You’

Chuck Liddell
AP Photo/Branimir Kvartuc

UFC Hall of Famer Chuck Liddell recently spoke to the Cleveland Browns about how to develop a championship mindset.

During a visit to the Browns facility, the former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion put several Browns players through the motions. Showing them proper punching techniques, some wrestling moves, as well as fighting skills which might help them in their individual positions. However, Liddell also stressed the importance of players feeling the need to “break” the man in front of them.

“If they take one lesson out of this, they need to break the guy in front of them. If they keep that in mind the whole game, it’s gonna change,” Liddell said.


Browns head coach Hue Jackson said he decided to invite Liddell in order to gain perspective and insights from successful athletes in other sports.

“I wanted to do something different for our players. I wanted them to experience something different,” Jackson said. “It’s a different type of sport but there are some common traits in both sports and I think it’s always important to be looking for something different to improve your football team.”

An aggressive mindset which stresses the need to “break” your opponent is indeed a key component to building a winner. It’s just a shame that the NFL doesn’t allow that kind of play anymore.

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