WATCH: Dolphins Fan Consents to Being Thrown On a Table of Fire

Dolphins Fan

Not everyone handles disappointment the same way.  Some fans may drown their sports-related sorrows at the local bar. Others might flock to the local church, to seek more powerful and substantive assistance.

Then, apparently, there are those who will allow themselves to be made into a human torch.

The Dolphins ended 2018 on a very sour note, losing 42-17 to divisional rival Buffalo. At some point during the meaningless contest between two teams that will not make the playoffs, a Dolphins fan drowned his sorrows in flames by allowing himself to be body-slammed into a table of fire.


If there’s any consolation to any of this, it’s that the fan was wearing a truly ugly version of the Dolphins jersey. However, that might be the only positive takeaway from anything that happened here.

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