WATCH: Texas Mascot ‘Bevo’ Lowers Head and Charges Georgia Mascot ‘UGA’


Bowl season can be a divisive time in the world of college sports. Family and friends can turn into bitter foes, as conference rivalries decide annual bragging rights.

And, as it turns out, even the mascots can get kind of chippy.

An hour before the Texas Longhorns were set to take on the Georgia Bulldogs in the Sugar Bowl — Bevo, the Texas mascot and actual longhorn steer — lowered his head and went after the Georgia Bulldog, UGA.


From another angle:

In fairness, organizers and media at the game should have known better than to put the two mascots in such close proximity a mere hour before kickoff. Clearly, Bevo had his game face on and was in no mood for such niceties. Plus, UGA’s smug sense of SEC superiority had to be an unwelcome vibe. Considering Bevo is no doubt still feeling the pain of a poorly officiated Big 12 Championship game against Oklahoma a only a month ago.

Really, the warning signs were there.

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