CNN: Why Are Adam Levine’s Nipples Fine for Air, But Janet Jackson’s Are Not?

Super Bowl
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Of all things to mention during their Super Bowl recap, CNN took time to include the concern over nipple equality expressed by some viewers on Twitter.

It seems that the aggrieved nipple justice warriors were offended that Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine could flash his chest on national television, yet Janet Jackson could not. This prompted CNN to ask the question: “Why are Adam Levine’s nipples fine for air, but 2004’s “wardrobe malfunction” made Janet Jackson a pariah for years?”

In its Monday morning recap, the cable news outlet seemed outraged that Maroon 5 singer Levine “molted” throughout the show until he was shirtless.

“Levine slowly molted throughout the halftime show, shedding a jacket, then another jacket, and finally a tank top until he was bare-chested in front of God and Big Boi and everyone,” CNN wrote.

“This didn’t sit well with some fans,” CNN intoned, “who wondered why Adam Levine’s nipples were apparently fine for air while 2004’s Nipplegate made Janet Jackson a pariah for years.”

CNN noted that Actress Aisha Tyler was outraged that women can’t go around naked on TV:

Television writer and host Ira Madison III also jumped in wondering why we can see a bare-chested man on TV but not a bare-chested woman:

The rest of the Twitterverse, thankfully, responded quickly to let CNN know that virtually no one outside of Madison and Tyler, and CNN, were concerned about the freedom of Adam Levine’s nipples vs. Janet Jackson’s.

In fairness, Janet Jackson’s career was already virtually over before “Nipplegate.” If anything, her “wardrobe malfunction” extended it.

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