John Daly Says Tiger Should Know ‘All the Facts’ Before Criticizing Him for Using a Cart

John Daly
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The PGA Championship does not begin until Thursday, but opening shots were fired at a press conference on Tuesday when Tiger Woods burned John Daly for using a golf cart to compete in the upcoming tournament.

When asked about the waiver Daly obtained to use a cart at Bethpage, Woods reminded all of when he once won a major on a broken leg.

“As far as JD taking a cart, well,” Woods said Tuesday. “I walked with a broken leg, so…”

Fast-forward 24 hours, and Daly has returned fire at Woods. Saying the recent Masters winner might have not been critical if he had learned more about his situation before sounding off.

“Might have been a different comment,’’ Daly, told USA Today Sports. “As well as the Golf Channel Wednesday morning, when they bashed me pretty good, and a few others.’’

Despite Tiger taking a shot at his use of a cart, Daly says there are no hard-feelings between him and golf’s most famous player.

“Not at all. He’s the best player I’ve ever played with or seen,’’ Daly said.

As far as Tiger’s reference to his 2008 U.S. Open win, where he walked the course on a broken leg and badly injured ACL, Daly sees no comparison.

“He got his fixed for some reason. No doctor will replace my knee because of a different type of problem. It’s hard to explain why. I’m not a doctor. I just try to do what they say.

“Osteoarthritis is a tough thing, brother. If my knee was broke, I would have had it fixed. But my situation is totally different. It’s painful as hell is all I can say. As was Tiger’s, I’m sure.”

Television coverage of the PGA Championship begins at 1 pm Eastern on Thursday.

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