WATCH: Teammates Give Tebow the Silent Treatment After Hitting First AAA Homerun

Tim Tebow
The Associated Press

It’s no secret that Tim Tebow has had more than his fair share of trouble at AAA this year. It’s also no secret that he’s turned things around a bit of late. In fact, he even hit his first homerun for Triple-A Syracuse over the weekend.

Though, you never would have known it by the reaction of his teammates.


“Tebow has played in 34 games this year for Syracuse and is hitting just .157 with 17 hits in 108 at-bats. But one of those hits is a home run, which he hit in Sunday’s loss to the Columbus Clippers,” according to USA Today Sports.

Tebow hit an extremely poor .131 over the course of the first 26 games of the season. While .157 is never anything to write home about, his average has jumped considerably in the last seven games. Now that he’s establishing some power, Tebow could potentially be ready to turn things around.

And turn things around he must. As much as the Mets like Tebow, and are interested in giving him a shot at playing in the majors this year, there’s no chance the former Heisman winner will play at Citi Field when he’s hitting 46 points below .200.

Still, if there’s anyone who can take a hopeless situation and turn it into a win, it’s Tebow.

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