WATCH: Ravens’ Marlon Humphrey Choke Slams OBJ During Scuffle

Getty Images_Rob Carr
Getty Images/Rob Carr

Tensions are always high when the Browns and Ravens meet. Though, normally the two teams are able to get through the game without any choke slams.

That was not the case this Sunday.

The Ravens Marlon Humphrey drew the Browns Odell Beckham Jr., as his assignment. An assignment he performed extremely well, as he held Cleveland’s star receiver to zero catches through the midway point of the fourth quarter.

However, Humphrey’s success clearly did not please OBJ and things got extra chippy between the two, culminating in a massive choke slam and what appeared to be an attempt to choke OBJ out.


Prior to Humphrey’s WWE slam, OBJ appeared to take things to the next level by punching the Ravens defender in the face.


Shockingly, neither Humphrey nor Beckham Jr. were ejected from the game. Instead, both were issued offsetting penalties and the Brown replayed the down.

While OBJ clearly lost the match-up with Humphrey, and the fight, the Browns managed to win the game, 40-25.

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