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Kaepernick Reps Deny Sourced Story Claiming Kaepernick Turned Down an NFL Contract

A story ran in the Daily Caller on Monday, based on an NFL source who claimed that Colin Kaepernick had indeed received an offer from an NFL team. Then, in hopes of inciting a racially driven media backlash, Kaepernick turned down the offer in hopes of using the media pressure to get “a more lucrative deal.”

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Ravens Refute ESPN Story Claiming Team Owner Opposes Signing Kaepernick

The “will they or won’t they” story of whether or not the Baltimore Ravens will offer anti-American protester Colin Kaepernick a spot as a backup quarterback has taken another turn with the team disputing ESPN’s story that Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti opposes hiring the controversial player.

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Colin Kaepernick NFL Merch Sales Fade from Top 20 Best Seller List, Still Top 50

During the height of his anti-American protests last year, Black Lives Matter supporters put second string quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s merchandise into the 13th spot for most selling NFL gear. Today he has slipped to 39th, but that still means he is in the top 50 despite not even being a current player.

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‘Baltimore Sun’ Writer Supports Colin Kaepernick Coming to the Ravens

Over the last few days, Baltimore Ravens starter Joe Flacco has become an injury question causing many to float the name of anti-American protester Colin Kaepernick to be given a workout as a possible replacement. But, even as fans immediately began warning of dire consequences if Kaepernick comes to Baltimore, yet another member of the left-wing sports media wound up his high dudgeon to denounce the player’s detractors as un-American.

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Baltimore Ravens Lead the League in Drug Test Suspensions

It’s the NFL offseason, where score is kept not on an actual scoreboard where the hopes and dreams of fans rise and fall with every fourth quarter red zone snap, but instead here in the time between the draft and the preseason we keep score by one metric and one metric alone: drug test suspensions.