Wild Melee Breaks Out After Arizona High School Basketball Game

Getty Images/Gray Mortimer

The handshake line is normally where players go to exchange congratulations and compliments following a hard fought game.

However, sometimes players just go there to fight.

Mesa Skyline High School and Cesar Chavez High School were exchanging handshakes after a game on Saturday at the Phoenix Union High School District Coyote Classic tournament, when a player took a swing at an opposing player.

That punch set-off a wild melee which saw dozens of people throw dozens of punches before the players were eventually escorted off the court.

The video, obtained by the Arizona Republic, can be seen here.

“It was a terrible scene,” Skyline coach James Capriotti told the Republic. “It was a really bad look after a really good game.”

Capriotti was insistent that the first punch was thrown by a player from Chavez.

“Punches were thrown,” he said. “The first punch was thrown by them.”

Amazingly, there were no one sustained serious injuries in the brawl.

“No injuries, no black eyes, no bumps,” he said. “Just unfortunate a good game like that between two of the top 10 teams goes down like that. We have nothing but respect for Coach (Gary) Lee. It’s unfortunate.”

A Phoenix police spokeswoman said that no arrests were made.

Skyline beat Chavez 63-56 in the 24-team tournament that begins each Arizona high school basketball season.

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