ESPN Apologizes for Graphic Detailing Draftee’s Mother’s Battle with Drug Addiction

Mike Windle/Getty Images

ESPN has apologized for displaying a graphic which told the story of draftee’s mother’s battle with drug addiction.

Tee Higgins, a wide receiver out of Clemson, was drafted by the Cincinnati Bengals this past weekend. When the deal was announced, ESPN showed a graphic displaying information about Higgins. However, one of the details the graphic included, involved information about his mother’s 16-year battle with drug addiction.

For his part, Higgins had no issue with ESPN showing the information about his mother.

Though, others, such as the Broncos Bradley Chubb, did not care for the graphic.

The complaints from Chubb, and others, prompted ESPN to issue an apology for the graphic.

“It was a mistake and we apologize for it,” ESPN Vice President of Production Seth Markman explained to the Washington Post. “We want our draft coverage to personalize players and, where appropriate, acknowledge the obstacles they’ve had to overcome on their journey to the NFL. This graphic lacked proper context.”

This weekend’s NFL Draft, ended up becoming the most watched NFL Draft of all-time.

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