Report: NBA Could Finish Season at Disney World

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The NBA may turn to the “Magic Kingdom” for help in its attempt to play out the remainder of its season, according to a report.

While much of the initial discussion about possible venues for the NBA’s return centered around Las Vegas, another highly popular venue has emerged as a new favorite: Disney World.

Keith Smith of Yahoo Sports detailed the advantages Disney World would have over other locations:

Unlike many of the other locations mentioned as single-site candidates, Walt Disney World is private property. That includes not only the hotels and [ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex], but the immediate surrounding area as well. In effect, Disney can create a bubble by closing off streets and denying access to any area with relative ease. Some of the other potential locations may be able to restrict access to hotels/housing and the basketball facilities, but closing down the surrounding public areas would be difficult.

In other words, not only could the NBA regulate who could enter the “bubble,” where their teams are located. The league could also better police the nocturnal wonderings of their players.

Not to mention that Disney would have a large incentive to help the NBA finish their season considering that ESPN – owned by Disney – has a massive contract with the league.

Still, there is the possibility there will be no NBA season at all. Commissioner Adam Silver has said that the league’s return will be dictated by “data.” The date accumulated thus far has prompted the commish to open NBA practice facilities on May 8th, however, it’s safe to say a lot more data will come in between May 8th and whenever the earliest possible time for a resumption of basketball will be.

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