Report: NFL Player Alleges United Airlines Allowed Him to be Sexually Assaulted

Getty Images_Justin Sullivan
Getty Images/Justin Sullivan

An NFL player, who is remaining anonymous, has filed a lawsuit alleging that United Airlines allowed him to be sexually assaulted on a flight.

The suit, filed by “John Doe 1,” alleges that on Feb. 10 of this year, a woman “sexually harassed, assaulted, abused, and violated” him and the flight attendants did nothing to stop it, TMZ Sports reported.

The suit further alleges that the unnamed player was subjected to the behavior through the entire flight from LAX to New Jersey.

The woman initially accosted the player over the medical mask he was wearing. Since it was early in the coronavirus scare, she didn’t know why he was wearing the mask on the plane. However, the player also alleges that the woman, who was sitting in a window seat, repeatedly prodded, elbowed, and pushed the him; apparently upset that he was not giving her enough room as he sat in the middle seat.

The suit alleges that another player — identified as “John Doe 2” — witnessed the woman’s behavior and even saw her taking pills.

The woman, who the two players say appeared under the influence of something, began running her hands across the player’s legs and private areas. When the two alerted the crew, the players say nothing was done about the woman’s behavior for a long period of time.

The filing adds that the woman began “grabbing and groping his quads and then stroking her hand across his lap towards the inside of his leg near his genitals.”

The players added that they switched seats, and then the woman began inappropriately touching the second player, as well.

The flight attendants finally moved the woman to a row by herself, and the players were each given a $150 voucher. Though, now they are suing over the incident alleging that the woman exposed them to possible transmission of the coronavirus, inflicted emotional distress, and caused them concern for other reasons.

The attorney involved in the filing insisted, “Those who report assaults should not be ignored, but believed, their claims investigated, and appropriate action taken where warranted.”

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