Bears’ Eddie Jackson: ‘Biden Tripping with Upping These Taxes’

Eddie Jackson
Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

50 Cent says he doesn’t want to be 20 Cent, which is why he’s opposing Democrat nominee Joe Biden and supporting President Trump. Bears safety Eddie Jackson has a contract worth $58.4 million, and he apparently doesn’t want to be $36,208,000.

Jackson, the highest paid safety in NFL history, has a considerable fortune to protect with his $33 million in guarantees and $14.6 million earned annually. The confiscatory tax plan being advanced by the Biden-Harris ticket appears to have made the star NFL defender very defensive about his bank account.

“Biden tripping with upping these taxes,” Jackson tweeted on Wednesday.

The Biden tax plan would result in a 62% tax rate for the highest-earners in California, New Jersey, Hawaii, and New York City.

With six teams in and around those areas, those states are home to large numbers of NFL players. Though, regardless of where they live or what they do for a living, successful Americans like Eddie Jackson would rather keep more of what they earn.


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