Kelly Stafford, Wife of Lions Quarterback, Calls Michigan a ‘Dictatorship’ Due to Coronavirus Regulations

Kelly Stafford
The Associated Press

Kelly Stafford, the wife of Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford, took a torch Thursday to Michigan’s Democrat Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s latest round of coronavirus restrictions.

Last week, Gov. Whitmer ordered another round of lockdowns with a bevy of new restrictions on businesses and activities, shuttering schools, and including warnings about hosting Thanksgiving dinners.

But Stafford saw through with Whitmer’s “dictatorship,” especially where it concerns the continued existence of small businesses.

“I’m so over it. I’m over living in a dictatorship that we call Michigan. I understand there’s a pandemic. If you are at risk, do not leave your house until there’s a vaccine. But, shutting down all these small businesses — things that people have worked their life for. Shutting them down again is not the answer,” Stafford said in a social media post on Thursday.

“They will not make it. Once we are able to leave our house, once this dictatorship decides to let us have some freedom, there will be nothing left,” she added.

Stafford said that the whole thing “brings me to tears.”

“I do not like living in a place where they tell me what I can and cannot do,” she said before concluding that this is her opinion and others have their own ideas.

UPDATE: Kelly Stafford apologized for her criticisms of Michigan’s coronavirus restrictions hours after making the comments.

“Here’s what I do best, coming back to apologize after I read some of your things . . . I’m really sorry, I was in the heat of the moment,” Stafford wrote. “I have a friend losing their business and it’s just getting to me a little bit, so I apologize for calling it a dictatorship, probably the not so smart use of words.”

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