Alabama Comes to the Rescue After Pranksters Scam 7-Year-Old Fan

Nick Saban
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The Alabama Crimson Tide came to the rescue after a seven-year-old Bama fan was scammed by pranksters who fooled him into believing he was in contact with the real coach Saban.

Last week, Roll Tide fan Cody Kirk posted a video of his young son, Brody, as the boy broke out in tears of joy when Alabama defeated Auburn in a blowout, 42-13. A day or so later, Brooke Kirk was excited to tell followers that little Brody had been invited to the school to take a tour of the facilities and to meet coach Saban himself.

But the family was chagrined to find out that the people who contacted them about the tour invitation were not with the school at all and were just scammers. The Kirks also told fans that their son was crushed by the prank.

However, word of the prank reached Alabama Athletic Director Greg Byrne and he arranged for a surprise for the boy, according to WVTM Chanel 13.

The team sent a big box of goodies for seven-year-old Brody, and the family is thrilled with the early Christmas presents.

Brooke thanked the team and Coach Saban in a Dec. 4 Facebook post:

As many of you know, someone played a mean trick on our family a few days ago pretending to be an employee with UA and invited Brody to come meet the team and Coach Saban. The University of Alabama Athletic Director, Greg Byrne, found out about it and talked to Cody Kirk. It upset him very much and he asked for our address so he could send Brody a surprise.

This “Bama box” came in the mail today! He included a football signed by Coach Saban and Mrs.Terry and an autographed picture of Coach. Such a blessing. Brody was so excited and so incredibly thankful for this sweet gift! This was just another amazing example of how God works all things for the good of those who love Him. He took this cruel prank that someone played on our seven-year-old and turned it into a blessing that made my sweet boy so happy. We didn’t avenge. God did. He got the last laugh and we got a Bama blessing. God bless and roll tide!

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