WATCH: The Milwaukee Bucks Have a Hand Sanitizer Cam and It’s Truly Awful

Female hands using hand sanitizer gel pump dispenser
Getty Images

The NBA’s drive to promote personal hygiene and cleanliness during the pandemic has truly taken a turn for the bizarre.

Social media has been buzzing all week since the first videos of the Milwaukee Bucks “Hand Sanitizer Cam” began making the rounds. Brace yourself, as awful as a hand sanitizer cam sounds, seeing one in action is far worse.

As you were warned, it is truly awful. Long gone are the days of kiss cam and bringing people together. Now, in the Covide-era, teams have resorted to suggestively dousing unsuspecting patrons with chemicals.

As if supporting a league that has disrespected the country with anthem protests while making billions off of business arrangements with a communist country that uses slave labor was not reason enough for you to avoid going to NBA games, now you can add getting blasted by a sexually suggestive stream from a bottle to the list of reasons to spend your money elsewhere.


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