Nolte: Record Low Ratings for Woke Olympics

AP Photo/David Goldman
AP Photo/David Goldman

All in, including streaming viewers, this year’s Woke Olympics are earning record low ratings.

“NBC said Tuesday that Monday’s primetime coverage of the Tokyo Summer Olympics averaged 16.8 million viewers across its various platforms, down 47% from the comparable night of the Rio Summer Olympics in 2016 (31.5M),” Sports Media Watch (SMW) reported.

SMW said this is a “new record for any night of any Olympics.”

What’s more, never before during this century have all four of the first four nights failed to attract 20 million-plus viewers. “All four nights of the Olympics have averaged 20 million or fewer viewers,” per SMW.

How awful is this?

Well, this year’s four sub-20 million nights already match “the combined total of the 2008, 2012, and 2016 Summer Olympics — and the sub-20 million nights of those Olympics occurred toward the end after most of the marquee competitions had concluded.”

In other words, the only time the previous Olympic Games dipped below 20 million viewers was after the good stuff was over.

“In Beijing, nights fourteen and fifteen of the Games averaged 17.9 and 16.8 million viewers, respectively. Zero nights of the London Olympics fell below the 20 million mark. In Rio, night fifteen averaged 15.4 million and the Closing Ceremony 17.0 million,” SMW added.

In just four nights, “Tokyo has matched Sydney in 2000 for the most nights at or below 20 million viewers of any Summer Olympics this century.”

This is a disaster for NBC, the far-left outlet broadcasting the games. Already, NBC’s been forced to begin what’s known as “make-good” negotiations with advertisers. Advertisers pay a premium price based on an expected number of eyeballs. Without those eyeballs, NBC has to “make good” by offering future advertising slots, either for free or at a discount.

And we’re not talking about some tiny slip in the ratings. This is a wipeout.

On Monday night, the Olympics earned 16.8 million viewers across all platforms. That’s a 47 percent crash from this same night in 2016 when 31.5 million tuned in for the Rio Summer Games.

On Sunday, only 20 million tuned in, a 37 percent drop from 2016.

On Saturday, only 15.9 million tuned in, a 32 percent drop from 2016.

Friday’s opening ceremony earned only 11.98 million viewers, an astonishing 57 percent crash from 2016.

Naturally, the far-left media are blaming everything, but what the real problem is…

We’re being told it’s the coronavirus.

We’re being told people are confused by the one-year postponement.

We’re being told people are watching clips at their leisure instead of tuning in for the broadcast.

Blah, blah, blah…

Why would the virus stop people from watching TV?

Why would the one-year postponement do anything other than increase anticipation?

And finally, in 2016, when twice as many people were watching, the option to watch clips instead of the broadcast was available, but they chose to watch the broadcast.

The reason no one is watching this year is simple: the Olympics are no longer the Olympics. What’s supposed to be a celebration of individual excellence is now nothing of the kind. Instead, the Woke Olympics are all about politics, grievance, ingratitude, entitlement, and unappealing athletes who are more interested in preening their virtue than representing their country.

What happened Tuesday with gymnast Simone Biles is a perfect example of everything wrong with this year’s Games. She choked. It happens. It’s perfectly human. But she choked, and now we’re being told to celebrate how brave it was for her to up and quit so she could deal with her “mental health issues.”

Choking isn’t a mental health issue. Choking is nothing to celebrate. It’s perfectly human, and there’s no need to condemn and ridicule her. But who wants to watch an Olympics broadcast where the announcers gaslight you into believing choking is an act of bravery?

GOATs don’t choke, and the American people don’t enjoy being spoon-fed bullshit.


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