‘Get Rid of Him’: Stephen A. Smith Rips Warriors’ Andrew Wiggins for Turning Down Vaccine

Stephen A. Smith
Justin Casterline/Getty Images

Appearing Thursday on ESPN’s First Take, Stephen A. Smith urged the Golden State Warriors to trade Andrew Wiggins over the forward’s decision not to receive the coronavirus vaccine.

A transcript is as follows:

MOLLY QERIM: With the start of the NBA seasons just weeks away, ESPN sources are saying the Warriors are dealing with an ongoing headache behind the scenes with Andrew Wiggins’ decision not to get vaccinated. The Warriors are worried that San Francisco’s vaccine mandate and the NBA’s decision to follow local protocols could lead to Wiggins missing games. The San Fransisco Chronicle reports that there is a belief that Wiggins will be granted a religious exception from the NBA, but the San Fransisco government has the power to override that exception. How should the Warriors handle this situation?

STEPHEN A. SMITH: They should trade Andrew Wiggins today. Period. Get rid of him, send him some place else. This is not a hard decision for me. I understand he’s averaging 18 points a game from lost season. He’s no scrub, even though it’s the quietest 18 points per game scorer that I’ve ever seen, that’s just how I feel about him. I’m not saying he can’t play, I’m saying he’s not assertive when he needs to be, and as a results, that’s why that great of him. […] Andrew Wiggins right now, because of the vaccination mandate in the city of San Francisco, would not be able to play in 41 home games for the Golden State Warriors. Then what do you need him for? What good is he for you?


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