Ex-NBA Player Kwame Brown Defends Kyle Rittenhouse, Calls Out Black Elites Who ‘Push Racist Sh*t’

Kwame Brown
Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Former Washington Wizards center Kwame Brown posted a video to social media defending Kyle Rittenhouse and saying he acted in self-defense and blasted those he says get paid to “push racist sh*t.”

Brown also insisted that a lot of rich, black elites make their careers out of telling other black people that they cannot succeed in America because of whites and racism. And Brown said he does not think the U.S. is as racist as the elites claim it is.

In his video, Brown scolded black elites and white liberals for focusing on Kyle Rittenhouse when they should be discussing the Ahmaud Arbery killing trial.

“Kyle Rittenhouse, that to me, in my opinion, looked like self-defense,” Brown said, adding, “The courts found it as self-defense. The only bad thing is that he had to sit in jail for so long because they made something political that had that wasn’t or shouldn’t have been political.”

Kyle Rittenhouse enters the courtroom at the Kenosha County Courthouse on November 8, 2021 in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Rittenhouse is accused of shooting three demonstrators, killing two of them, during a night of unrest that erupted in Kenosha after a police officer shot Jacob Blake seven times in the back while …

(Kyle Rittenhouse/Sean Krajacic-Pool/Getty Images)

Brown went on to blast those who are trying to make the Rittenhouse case about racism.

“But instead of that we want to make it like we want to tie it into something black, we want to tie it into something bigger, so we can have people come out march and get checks off a little teenager’s back. And that, to me, is corny. Trying to get money off of teenagers, trying to use the situation for a political game, to me that’s corny. Everything ain’t political, okay?” Brown exclaimed.

“It’s a bunch of racist mother — you know what it is, a bunch of people getting paid to push this racist shit. That’s all it is,” he said.

Brown added that these race pushers have nothing important to say. Worse, they are hypocrites because, “they get paid off of talking about how racist” America is, but they “got good cars, good houses, good everything, telling you how bad it is” in America.

Brown slammed race hustlers including Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and Roland Martin for living the high life while telling everyone that blacks can’t make it in the U.S.A.

“They stayed at the hotel I stayed there, they over there living good and pimping so high,” Brown said of the hustlers like Sharpton. “So how is it so bad?”

“They riding, and living, and eating good,” Brown added. “It may be bad for you, but it ain’t bad for these mother f**kers,” he said laughing.

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