$19 Beers in Store for Fans at PGA Championship

Charlotte Tattersall/Getty Images

If you plan on getting sauced at this year’s PGA Championship, bring money. In fact, bring lots and lots of money.

That’s because beer at this year’s championship event at Southern Hills Country Club in Tulsa, Oklahoma, will run you nearly $20.

According to a report in Golfweek, “A Michelob Ultra is $18, a Stella Artois $19. A glass of wine is $13, souvenir and signature cocktails are $19.”

Though, spectators can console themselves with the knowledge that their brews will be served in 25 oz. cans.

With prices like this, it seems like local wine and beer merchants in the greater Tulsa area will be set up for a banner day as fans race to imbibe before entering the country club.

The black-market salad industry might get a boost as well, according to Golfweek one salad will cost fans $16. A striking sum, not just because it’s a lot for a salad, but also because the all-beef hot dog ($8), the Beyond Burger ($15), and the Butcher’s Grind Cheeseburger ($14), all come in a ta lower price than the salad.

So, not that there’s ever a reason to choose a salad over a hot dog or a burger, but now there’s even less of one considering it’s more expensive.

Still, fans don’t seem overly concerned by the pricing.

“Well, it’s only for one day,” Samantha Ripken of Oklahoma City told Golfweek. “And I get to eat my salad watching Tiger Woods.”


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