‘I’m Definitely Woke, That’s for Sure’: LeBron Embraces Leftist Ideology, Claims to Hold Media Accountable

LeBron James
AP Photo/Mike Ehrmann

LeBron James is once again attempting to insert himself into the Jerry Jones story, by further explaining why he wanted the media to ask him about the Cowboys owner’s past.

Last week, James scolded the sports media for not asking him his opinion on a photo from 1957 dredged up by the media that shows a teenaged Jones in the crowd during a highly charged segregation incident at a Northern Little Rock High School.

A teenage Jones is seen in a photo among a group of white students confronting several black students who were being interviewed by the media in front of a high school. At the time, Arkansas schools were segregated.

James brought this all up once again during his appearance on Amazon’s Thursday Night Football simulcast with The Shop.

“I’m just holding them accountable, letting them know ‘I see you,” he said, adding in a surprise to no one, “I’m definitely woke, that’s for sure.”

He went on to complain that the media is too tough on athletes.

“The media is so quick to hold us athletes, especially Black athletes, to hold us accountable,” he insisted. “We can’t make mistakes, they want to bring up everything. I wanted to hold the media accountable, the fact that they didn’t ask any one of us, I didn’t hear a question for any athlete, especially in the basketball world, about the situation.”

The really rich part of this is that James says he needs to hold the media accountable. Meanwhile, the media has never held him accountable for anything. LeBron James is making millions upon millions of dollars off of China – the world’s worst human rights abuser and a country that utilizes slave labor. And he does this while kneeling for social justice in America in supposed solidarity with oppressed peoples. Never, not once, has the sports media challenged him on this glaring hypocrisy, at least not in any meaningful way.

So, James can talk all he wants about holding the media accountable. However, he better hope the media never decide to return the favor and hold him accountable because his business dealings with Communist China and his professed political leanings here at home are ripe, low-hanging fruit for even the most intellectually challenged journalist in America.

As for the Jerry Jones photo, the Cowboys owner has explained that he was just an interested onlooker when the photo was taken and doesn’t remember realizing that he was witnessing a “monumental event” at the time.

“I’m sure glad that we’re a long way from that. I am. That would remind me [to] just continue to do everything we can to not have those kinds of things happen,” he said.

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