Clemson Guard Brevin Galloway Sidelined with Unusual Injury: ‘My Balls Exploded’

Brevin Halloway
Michael Hickey/Getty Images

From his hospital bed, Clemson basketball guard Brevin Galloway added some colorful and painful details to the “abdominal issues” that sent him to the hospital Thursday night.

The student-athlete said doctors didn’t yet have an explanation, but he admitted that he ended up in the hospital after “my balls and my nut sack were exploded.”

Galloway claims he hit the gym for some weightlifting in the morning, then laid down for a nap. But three hours later, he was in the hospital for emergency surgery to reduce his swollen testicles to normal size.

“I don’t know what happened to my balls,” Galloway said in an Instagram story video in which he seems just a bit loopy after surgery. “I guess they were trying to be like basketballs,” he joked.

“But we made it. Now, I’m going to be spoiled for the next 48 hours, and I will be back in a uniform shortly,” he added.

It seems a bit hard to believe Galloway when he says he’ll be back in uniform soon, of course. One would think healing from this sort of injury might require some very slow going for a while.

Reporter Jeff Goodman noted that he asked Clemson coach Brad Brownell for comment on Galloway’s video. The coach made what was likely the best reply possible considering the circumstances by saying, “No comment.”

Galloway also tweeted that the incident was the “worst pain I’ve ever experienced.”

The New York Post noted that Galloway had become a key member of the Tigers this year, writing, “He has become a full-time starter in Clemson’s lineup — averaging 10.6 points per game and hitting 3-pointers at a 33 percent clip, helping the Tigers to a better-than-expected start entering the bulk of Atlantic Coast Conference play.”

Clemson was not expected to be in the top tier this season, and preseason polls had the Tigers as likely to finish around 11th place or lower. But as it stands now, the team is number one in the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) with a 17-4 record.

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