Women’s Group Blasts Tiger Woods for ‘Misogynistic’ Tampon Joke

Tiger Woods
Michael Owens/Getty Images

Even after his apology, woke critics are still blasting golf great Tiger Woods for using a tampon to suggest that a fellow golfer was not up to par during last week’s Genesis Invitational.

Woods took heat for using a tampon as a joke on Thursday when he found that his drive off the tee went farther than fellow golfer Justin Thomas’ drive. As the pair began walking to their balls, Tiger slipped a tampon into Thomas’ hands as a joke that the younger golfer was “hitting like a woman.”

But despite his apology, feminist groups are still attacking the GOAT golfer.

On Saturday, Kara Sugar, CEO of the Women’s Global Empowerment Fund, told TMZ that Tiger’s joke is “misogynistic” and “tone deaf.”

“The women’s group says it’s sad to see Tiger do this because he’s a grown man with a daughter … and they feel the joke distracts from the serious issues involving mental health and periods, which women and girls around the globe face,” TMZ reported.

Sugar added that women everywhere play sports while dealing with their periods, and tampons are not a joke.

The women’s empowerment boss was hardly alone. As soon as the “joke” hit the news, the attacks poured in.

Immediately he was slammed by woke critics who said the joke was in bad taste. One sports writer, USA Today’s Christine Brennan, blasted Woods as a bad “girl dad” for the tampon joke. Brennan slammed Tiger for using the tampon to say, in essence, “You play like a girl.”

Woods apologized for the joke the next day, saying, “Yeah, it was supposed to be all fun and games, and obviously, it hasn’t turned out that way. If I offended anybody, it was not the case. It was just friends having fun.”

“As I said, if I offended anybody in any way, shape, or form, I’m sorry,” Woods told reporters during a media availability session at the tournament. “It was not intended to be that way. It was just, we play pranks on one another all the time, and virally I think this did not come across that way, but between us, it was — it’s different.”

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