Police Announce Decision on Charges for Scottie Scheffler

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Earlier this week, it was reported that the charges against the world’s top golfer, Scottie Scheffler, would be dropped. Those reports were not accurate.

Scheffler made headlines last Friday morning when video of him being arrested for allegedly disobeying an officer’s orders flashed across social media. Scheffler was eventually hit with three charges, including felony second-degree assault, for allegedly dragging an officer with his car.

In a press conference on Thursday, the Louisville Police Department made it known that, contrary to the earlier report, they have no intention of dropping the charges against Scheffler.

“Charges against Scottie Scheffler will not be dropped at this time as the judicial process continues. LPD says there is still no video of the initial incident, just pole footage of the arrest,” said Brody Miller of The Athletic.

It was also learned at the press conference that arresting officer Brian Gillis has received “corrective action” for not having his body cam on during the incident.

While speculation has run rampant that Scheffler would move to reach an out-of-court settlement to make the case go away. His lawyer, Steve Romines, says that’s not going to happen.

“Our position is the same as it was last Friday,” Romines said. “Scottie Scheffler didn’t do anything wrong. We’re not interested in settling the case. We will either try it or it will be dismissed. I’ve seen everything there is to see. Everything that is out there supports exactly what Scottie has said from the start.”

Scheffler was charged with felony second-degree assault of a police officer, as well as misdemeanor charges of criminal mischief in the third-degree, reckless driving, and disregarding signals from officers directing traffic.

The arraignment has been scheduled for June 3. Given that he is facing a felony charge, his presence in the court that day is required.


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