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Around the Horn

ESPN’s Clinton Yates: ‘Being Black Is a Political Statement in America’

Thursday on ESPN’s “Around the Horn,” ESPN “The Undefeated” writer Clinton Yates argued that “being black is a political statement in America.” Pablo Torre said whiledefending rapper Jay-Z’s decision to turn down the offer to appear in February’s Super Bowl halftime


LA Times’ Plaschke: ‘Why Is Hope Solo Still with USWNT?’

Recent evidence from police records have been released about U.S. Women’s Soccer goalie Hope Solo, which makes it appear she not only beat up the 6’8 270 pound son of her half-sister, but was also belligerent to the police while being arrested. Amid this report,


Watch: ESPN’s Torre Explains How to Properly Address Jenner

At the end of Monday’s “Around the Horn” on ESPN, co-panelist Pablo Torre spoke in a monologue about Bruce Jenner, who won an Olympic gold medal as a decathlete named Bruce Jenner in the Summer Olympics of 1976. Torre explained

pablo torre

Tebow to the Eagles a Step Too Far for ESPN’s Bomani Jones

On Monday’s “Around the Horn” on ESPN, guest Bomani Jones commented on the report that the Philadelphia Eagles held a workout for free agent quarterback Tim Tebow. Tebow, who has not been in the NFL since being cut by the