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Boycott Leader Accuses Israel Of Imposing Travel Ban

JERUSALEM — A leader of the international boycott movement against Israel on Tuesday accused Israeli authorities of imposing a travel ban on him as retribution for his political activities.

Omar Barghouti spearheads a campaign demanding the boycott of Israel over its occupation of Palestinian territories

Ken Livingstone: Creation Of Israel Was ‘A Great Catastrophe’

The Times of Israel reports: Former London mayor Ken Livingstone on Wednesday called the creation of Israel “fundamentally wrong,” and “a great catastrophe.” The existence of the Jewish state in the Middle East, he said, could ultimately lead to nuclear war.

Ken Livingstone

Branstad To Sign Israel Anti-Boycott Bill

The Des Moines Register reports: Gov. Terry Branstad said Monday he will sign a bill that prohibits state funds from being directly invested in companies that boycott Israel.

Associated Press

WATCH – Roseanne Barr: BDS Are Rightwing Fascists Pretending to Be Leftwing

TEL AVIV – Jewish comedian Roseanne Barr slammed members of the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement as “right-wing fascists” and “naked bigots” who only pretend to be leftwing. “BDS doesn’t want peace, nor do they want peace negotiations. They use code words

Roseanne Barr (Reuters)