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Steel Yourself: China Is Running Rings Around UK Politicians

With the UK steel industry in crisis UK politicians need to think outside the box if they are going to react quickly enough to stop terminal decline. But sadly, they seem to be more interested in spinning stories to show


David Cameron Urges Talks On UK Steel Crisis With China At G20

LONDON, April 2 (Reuters) – Britain’s Prime Minister David Cameron wants Britain and China to work together to tackle over-capacity in the steel industry and that the G20 could be a good forum to address it later in the year,


Cameron To Chair Meeting On Steel Industry Crisis

LONDON (Reuters) – British Prime Minister David Cameron will hold an emergency meeting to tackle the crisis hitting the country’s steel industry on Thursday after India’s Tata Steel said it would pull out, putting thousands of jobs at risk. The

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The EU Slags Off British Steel

David Cameron’s recent so-called ‘deal’ in Brussels has led to the heralding of a ‘special status’ for Britain. Unfortunately for the Prime Minister, Britain already seems to have a special status within Europe — one which is wholly negative and is not the

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